Our Team

We act as responsible and dynamic citizens, encouraging quick solutions, with all due diligence. Our customers and suppliers are treated in a welcoming manner, receiving all kinds of clarification concerning all necessary stages with regard to customs procedures and logistics.

Cungai Eustáquio
Operative Supervisor

"The value of a man lies in what he offers and not in what he is able to do."

Donaldo Sombreiro

"Wisdom consists in understanding that time spent on work is never lost."

dos Santos Fátima
Senior Accountant

"I will never allow my day to end with failure, our success is to have you by our side."

As far as commitment, commitment, effort, dedication, there is no middle ground ... Either you do something well done or you do not. We choose to work hard to serve you and your interests . You can trust us!.

CDA, Lda - Customs Clearance Center.
Road dos Acores n. 183, Maquinino - Beira, Moçambique.
P: +258 23323412 F: +258 23323414

CDA, Lda - Customs Clearance Center is a 24-hour operation. "We are ready for you!"

License: DSP / 248 / DGA / 11 Associate Agents ENGAGEMENT Tax Identification Number: 400539881

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