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As CDA Lda, we are able to provide an excellent service that is affodable quality which is not yet committed.

Mediation and Intermediation Services -85%

Freight Forwarding & Warehousing Servicess -75%

Exporting of Mozambican Products

The world economy is changing. Competition in world markets is fierce. Long-term economic success requires discipline and focus. Regulations and bureaucracy in foreign countries sometimes make such markets seem unattainable. At CDA - Customs Clearance, we have the knowledge and tools to help you enter the competition and navigate regulations and bureaucracy.

Imports into Mozambique

All commercial products that are imported or even transited through Mozambique to other destinations should be reported to the Mozambique Border Services Agency (Mozambique Customs) at the first point of arrival in Mozambique. That's where we come in. Customs Brokers Only licensees may be liable for goods and pay duties / taxes under Mozambican.


Being an official dispatcher, our role is to be a representative for the account of others, in any part of the country and in any form of representation, in the acts and formalities provided for in customs legislation, including declarations and promotion of the documents concerned goods subject to excise duty and in other declarations having customs implications or whose management or receipt is to be attributed to the Directorate-General for Customs and Excise Duties. We import and enjoy a good relationship with the main airlines, land and marine. With the objective of serving our clients and contributing to the development and modernization of the country


Logistics is a specialty of the administration responsible for providing resources and information for the execution of all the activities of an organization.


This service is for importers and exporters, whose purpose is the customs clearance of goods originating or going abroad, whose administrative, legal and tax procedures are complex and require technical and operational knowledge.


Import is the trade and tax process that consists of bringing a good, which can be a product or a service, from the outside to the country of reference.

"To perform a job of merit and competence, is to have well-educated professionals who know how to lead it in the absence of the leader." - VanTófilli

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